It’s never too late to take charge of life.

Today is September 18, 2010. It has been 32 months of living and re-wiring my brain in the magical environment of “positive-thinking”.
It isn’t really a smooth ride….sucker-punched by a series of unhappy events, adapting to a new culture, self-esteem struggle…but HEY! it’s been very REWARDING…breaking away from my comfort zone, changing my self-concept and learning to follow my bliss all the time 🙂

This journey has made me realize that indeed, there’s more GOOD in this world than there is bad.
So Happy Vibes, hang in there bebe, I will never get tired of you.

Two months from now, yours truly will be joining the Happy-One-Quarter-of-A-Century club and yes I am old and proud.
At this point of my life, I can very much shout out a big YES (with extra 100 SSS) to the question
“Have you found joy in your life?” (The Bucket List)

Now it’s about time to think about ways I can bring joy to others and keep Santa Claus smiling.

  • Volunteer and put other people before myself.
  • Begin with simple acts of kindness ( anonymous pick-me-upper notes, greeting a stranger, assisting a blind person )
  • Participate on projects worth doing with friends.
  • Look beyond myself to help people who cannot help themselves.

The question “Have you brought joy to others?” got me pondering about things that are more important than attending to my own bliss. It’s time to become more useful. I am shedding off parts of me that are not necessary anymore.
I want to remember the real values my parents taught me and not get caught up with the superficial. This is difficult but not impossible.
To the millions of people who have been bringing joy to the lives of others, every single cell of my body salutes you.
To mamang, papang and kuya , I LOVE YOU and Miss you so much. Thank you for all the things I am and for all the things I’m not.

Being away from home, I never thought could be a wonderful experience. Baby steps. The power of the “mind” is an amazing tool.

Also, I wanna thank a person named Benjamin W. Grace. I am deeply moved and inspired by his words

“Have something in life that’s more important than yourself. If you can belong to something and find meaning in something that’s greater than yourself, then you find a happiness and meaning in life.”

Life Oh Life! 🙂

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    Hey,my honey,i miss you.How are you now? i hope you are fine.always keep in up!Best regards!

    October 5, 2010 at 11:00 am
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