BORNeo This Way – Visiting Borneo

I don’t remember holidays being spent inside my room. Ah that familiar feeling…when you’re looking for things to do, you’re bored and it’s a holiday season… and you just want a weekend trip to very  unfamiliar places.

Well this time we went to Borneo….

It’s a good thing to walk on an ancient path that has a rich spot in Philippine history.  If my memory serves me well, the early Filipinos migrated to the Philippines from  Borneo and Sumatra. I guess later on they have regretted that decision 😛

So here I was, standing (posing) in smiles behind a big, big tree which I would like to call a pine tree.

 If there’s an advice I can give, one that I learned during this experience, it would be to “Never wear wedges inside a jungle”. It will hurt your feet and people would pity you.

I’d like to stress though that at the time we went to Borneo, we had no fixed itinerary and literally don’t know where to go. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be “spontaneous” I guess.

Another place that we visited at random was this oceanic island in the Celebes Sea.

The water is very cold…and I just want to say that.

We made new Malaysian friends inside the jungle who, unlike me, were wearing comfortable flat shoes. Envy.

Surprise! there were big orangutans moving like Jagger in the middle of the jungle. The plants, oh the plants….are still green.

And….whatever are you doing out there, infant in pink? You’re supposed to be in school!

And let’s talk about cats….

This was taken in the middle of a busy road and extreme hotsun in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak (Borneo, Malaysia). The word Kuching means “cat” in Malay and that explains the presence of  cat statues around the city. Long story short, Malaysian and Chinese beliefs regard cat as a lucky animal 🙂 Meow!

I also strongly think that this is the exact city where Catwoman was born. I will prove that.

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  • Reply danisechen

    Glad you enjoyed my city, not a lot of tourists come to Borneo nowadays.
    Hope you’ll come back and travel to some of our best cultural areas

    August 31, 2016 at 3:39 pm
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