Think with Google

How do you ensure your brand stays ahead of the pack? Google teaches us the many ways to leverage on micro-moments not only to increase conversions but more importantly to create brand awareness.

Thinking and learning with Google has always been an eye-opening session because as someone who’s in digital marketing for 10+ years, I’ve seen how media has evolved from traditional means to a more complex yet much easier to measure world of digital marketing.

Not only are magazines going digital, much of our regular activities are done digitally – watching videos on mobile, paying our transactions online, even buying detergents online (oops guilty of this!)

Key Takeaway:

As an advertiser, Google encourages us to use machine learning tools that put the power of data to work for our online campaigns. It simply means reaching the right audience, at the right time at the optimal bid in the simpliest way. Needless to say, advertisers must always have a multi-channel marketing strategy to reach out, connect more data points or signals that help deliver ads on an individual level as much as possible.

I will always be biased on Paid Search but programmatic media buying as the future of digital marketing is undeniable.

I hope I didn’t bore you.

Cheers, sunshine and lemon drops!

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    Wow do you work in Google? your blog is amazing

    August 10, 2017 at 4:33 pm
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