The Color Mustard

    Rustic colors like mustard have always resonated with me. It brings a laid back vibe to an already comfortable look plus it is so easy to match with any earth tones or neutrals. I also think it is very flattering for any complexion.

    the color mustard outfit blog review

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    Burberry’s Effortless Brow Definer

    natural looking eyebrow review

    I never really paid attention to how my eyebrows looked until I came to Singapore, lured by the refreshing store concept of Sephora with loads of options to sculpt eyebrows. I remember how it would take me 100 years to figure out and pull off a decent arch. I just didn’t get why eyebrows are a way of life. Geesh.

    Fast forward to meeting Instagram and its strong selfie game later, I noticed how polished eyebrows give frame and structure to the face. Eyebrow ninjas call it “drawing”. I’m not sure if you can relate with me but my first attempt to “drawing” my brows didn’t look natural and flattering at all, it was overly done, wonky and tragic. It took me time to find the right brow tool that’s not too technical and time-consuming. I found different types from gel based, to powderish to liquid, there’s just too many ways and I don’t want to complicate a #firstworldproblem like that.

    Long story short, I am happy to have found my 3 on-the-go weapons to up my eyebrow game. By “up” I don’t mean I’m slaying it like the hardcore black belter eyebrow ladies but just nice enough to lift my face up. Meet my brow charmers: Continue Reading


    Kat Von D in Singapore – Everlasting Lipstick

    kat von d in singapore

    Well the long wait is over. I’m finally able to try a cult brand I’ve heard so much rave about. Kat Von D beauty line known for its deeply pigmented, intense high coverage liquid lipstick is now available in all of Sephora branches in Singapore.

    Here are five swatches of its best-selling Everlasting liquid lipstick range:

    everlasting liquid swatches singapore blog

    From left to right: Lolita, Lolita 2, Melancholia, Mother, Bachelorette

    These lipsticks are formulated without parabens (major plus points) and enriched with vitamin E plus sunflower seed. They leave a smooth matte finish that’s not clumpy or thick.

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    My Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Story

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum reviewI can’t rave about how I love Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (ANR) serum without attributing credit to Missha Essence and its Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule (read My Missha story here).  Both Estee Lauder and Missha  work so hard to complete the science behind reversing signs of aging from hydrating skin, diminishing spots, to soothing lines and aiding skin’s natural nighttime renewal. Because of the effective results and my skin’s happy journey with Missha, I got determined to finally use Estee Lauder’s ANR (many bloggers claim that Missha Night Repair Ampoule is a dupe of ANR and that both have comparable results but of different price tags). Long story short, here’s to fighting all signs of aging with the Queen of nightly skin repair…



    Duration of product use (testing): 4 weeks

    How To Use:

    My nightly ritual is straightforward. Apply several drops on my clean skin. Smooth the serum gently all over face down to my neck. Continue Reading


    Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Sex Machine

    Nars Sex Machine

    These last 2 weeks I’ve been searching for a subtle lip shade for daily use apart from my usual nudes and pinks. It took me a while to pick one cos I wanted to try a brand I haven’t owned before, and yet I’m back to using Nars. Not complaining, this relationship is for keeps because Nars has really an undeniably ultra-versatile range of gorgeous lip shades with velvety matte finish. Here are some of the Nars velvet matte swatches that got me drooling

    Nars velvet lip pencil reviews

    From left to right: Never Say Never, Walkyrie, Sex Machine, Roman Holiday, Bolero

    I ended up going for Nars Sex Machine 🙂

    nars sex machine review

    I love its blushed, old rose pigment with a hint of mauve. It is long lasting, non-drying, enriched with Vitamin E and yes Nars is a cruelty-free brand. Continue Reading


    Nudestix Stilleto vs Nars Cruella Red Lipstick

    Nudestix Stilleto review

    Sometimes the idea of a right lip shade can be complicated, as this always depends on the kind of vibe you’re going for. However, when it’s about making bold statement, nothing beats deep, intense red lippies that can go well with any outfit. Red lipsticks with blue undertones also make my teeth look whiter😁. My top favorite has always been the cult classic NARS Cruella with its gorgeous dark red hue that can suit any type of skin tone including that of vampires. One of the major turn-ons would be its pencil applicator that glides on smoothly, the aid of a lip balm isn’t even necessary.


    Now comes the fresh player, Nudestix. I would say this brand is one of my favorite additions to Sephora family and although they’re known for “Go Nude But Better” make up theme, it’s good to know they got what-every-girl-must-have list checked…. a proper and stunning RED lipstick, just because 🙂

    As of this writing, their only red lipstick shade Stilleto is not officially out in the market yet but I was able to secure one during the founders/ sisters’ recent event in Sephora ION, Singapore. If you’re Sephora’s black card member, you only needed to purchase any 1 Nudestix product and they’ll give you Nudestix Stilleto lip pencil for free 🙂 Continue Reading


    Outfit Code: The Color White

    While other people look at white clothing as a recipe for disaster, funny I think it’s exactly the opposite. White can save our outfit dilemma and make us look effortlessly chic, dignified and good to go. I’ve always loved how white clothes make me feel. There’s something dreamy about its clean crispness and well behaved nature.

    Here are some of my I Love Wearing White moments, most of these clothes held up well for more than 2 years already.

    i love wearing white

    because wearing white is not only for brides : )


    white outfit review

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