Visiting Malacca Melaka

Why are you so orange?

Malacca (Melaka) is very rich in history, a reason for it to be listed in UNESCO World Heritage City.

Here are some of Malacca’s top tourist attractions (within walking distance from each other)

1. The Sultanate Palace : a replica of the structure built by the extinct sultanate of Malacca, the rulers of the city before the arrival of the Portuguese in the 1500s

BED of SULTAN ( with mini stairs!)

2. The Dutch Square: a.k.a. “the Red Square”…the very first spot that caught my eye. Some say the Dutch painted this town to reflect their houses in Holland and some say the colors distinguished the Dutch buildings from the British buildings…I say “ok History, you always confuse me”

3. A’ Famosa (Porta de Santiago), Gate of St. James: where the last remnants of the Portuguese occupation can be found

4. Maritime and Naval Museum: home to ancient weaponry, models of colonial vessels, and countless naval artifacts spanning the lifetime of the city.

5. Christ Church of Melaka: the oldest place of worship for Protestants in Malaysia and was originally built to mark 100 years of Dutch colonial rule in Melaka.

6. Jonkers Walak: this used to be the rich man’s street during the Dutch colonial period. Today, the street is popular with antique hunters and frugal shoppers (like me!)

Meet my classmates by height and friends.

and the local POLIS, they’re very friendly and GAME

I totally enjoyed my Malacca tour. My good friend Marj and I stayed there for 2 days and 1 night on a reasonable budget. The city is 3 hours away from Larkin Terminal, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Last minute planning works!

lastly, this is a shot of me pretending to be smart


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