Joven and Moppet visited Davao. I declared a holiday.

Seeing great friends you’re used to spend hey times with is a stress relief. Seeing Joven and his sexy muscles brings more than that, hehe..enticing.
We had a great time talking about whats new, whats good and whats REALLY good….especially that guy Who’s Back On The Market..oh the drams! hahaha…

So Joven thinks Davao is expensive…comparing how far his 100 peso bill would take him (transportation-wise-iloilo vs Dvo)
I couldn’t agree more. But hey its a beautiful and disciplined metropolitan.
So on their last night, we went to Jack’s Ridge…sitting high up on a hill overlooking the lights of Davao City.
The pictures cant justify how truly bayotifol the place is, but most visitors will find it spectabulous.

Joven and Moppet thanks for the wonderful evening.

Oh I want to say Im very happy.

Laughter, indeed, is an instant vacation.

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