Happy Birthday Shalala

I celebrate the day my mother went through an excrutiatingly painful thing which is called “giving birth”.

I just turned 1/4 of a century old! Thank you Lord for the gift of life. I am officially Twenteen Five. Fun times, Hey Times, Ging Gang Goolie Goolie. Happy Happy Vibes. The best birthdays are those celebrated with great friends, great food cooked-by-great friends (thank you Ate April and Doods), great performances (again by great friends who had no choice but to perform because they are…well great friends anyway)

So we were on a “Retro” mood and as you can see from the video, I had to be the Center of Distraction. I hired a hotpink wig to do its part. The highlight of the night was when they showed me a “surprise video greetings” from my family (and by family Im referring to the WHOLE family, from my grandma to our youngest baby) and waaah, I cried.

Another highlight of the night (early morning, 2am): the unexpected visitors….police came! They received a noise pollution complaint¬† from our lovely neighbors and long story short, that marked my 1st police record in Singapore for “noise pollution”.

But you know, I am a good girl. Happy birthday to me. Loves!

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