Handmade with a Smile

Yay. I had an opportunity to turn my passion into a FUN/Fundraising event here in Singapore.
It’s wonderful that you can have a fun event and raise funds at the same time.
The experience was humbling, rewarding, joyful, exhausting, and just wow.
I’d like to thank Ate April, Joy, Michelle and my brother for their support in making my fundraising project happen.

Allow me to introduce you to my new passion. Tadaaaan, handmade accessories!

I always have a thing for “BOHO Chic” designs.  Bohemian styles simply look “timeless” no matter the decade…or let’s just say an accepted fashion trend of any given period. I can assure you that 50 years from now,  my designs  won’t look “pre historic” at all. Gahaha 😛

Five weeks before the bazaar sked, I started waving my magic wand creating these sweet little pieces. I literally had zero after-work happenings and used my valid weekend-party-excuse-coupons for those five straight weeks. Letter E for Effort.

All at insanely affordable prices….glad the people enjoyed shopping for charity.

What did I learn from this experience?

The most important lesson is still about giving back. If I can use my time and skills to contribute to the corporate world, I can, must, of course, utilize my God given creativity to give a friendly push to charitable initiatives within my reach.

And oh, unexpectedly…. those knock-me-down-with-a-feather moments when people get to see and appreciate your work. Ahaha.

And yes! great things happen when we take a bite.

Bazaar Round 1 @ Concorde Hotel, Orchard, Singapore ~ March 25, 2012 where Smile is our best fashion accessory

Bazaar Round 2 at Scape, Somerset ~ March 31, 2012 wearing our SMILES again

Oh how fun!

More more fun to come! Happy Happy Vibes 🙂


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