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    A Passion Project: What Do You Wake Up For?

    I’m so happy to be reacquainted with my first hobby- Videography. Special thanks to talented musicians at for the gift of amazing music. Hope you like my new video – passion project series.

    Something always gets us up in the morning, even when it would make sense to just stay in bed. We wake up for all these bits and pieces of a new day, starting afresh – persisting, resisting, existing. Getting up and getting on a daily grind is a choice we make. It’s not easy, but it’s a choice that changes lives, not just our own, but those around us as well. It’s not always fun and easy but we will do it anyway. What do you wake up for?


    My Happily Ever After

    Ours was a chance encounter that blossomed into friendship and finally bloomed into LOVE.

    A year after I said the most important “YES” of my life, I married the man who is much more than the man of my dreams. The man whom I’m so grateful for every joy, misstep, and challenging turns that became our love story. Before I get too cheesy, I’m happy to be sharing with you our wedding SDE, with beautifully captured moments and emotions that I will always feel nostalgic for and smile about.

    And yet there’s something more I want to say.

    Often it can be easy to get so caught up in the preparations but I won’t forget how its those little things and pieces of kind support from family and friends that kept me afloat through it all. I am forever so grateful for all the efforts that went into making our wedding day a meaningful one. We couldn’t have done it without all the love and kindness in the smallest of things.

    wedding breachgel

    Thank you Mamang and Papang for the love that brings us all together. Thank you for assisting me with all the necessary church seminars, City Hall paperworks and liaising with wedding vendors. We are so lucky to have amazing parents.

    Moments waterproof mascaras are made for

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    Our Magical Mt. Bromo and Sukamade Jungle Trip

    Mt bromo

    Wow. Truly East Java has a natural charm to the soul. From being greeted with a scattering of star trails, milky way unveiling itself as we hike up Mt. Bromo’s crater, to the vast Mars-like sea of sand with wind-swept volcanic ash cloud and the joy of releasing baby turtles to Indian ocean… certainly made this jungle trip a one-of-a-kind experience. Because magical feelings are best expressed in motions, here is a glimpse of our experiences in a travel video – best viewed in HD.



    First of all, we would like to thank Anjang of Bromo Ecotourism for being an amazing, patient, game-on ranger, tour genius turned good friend who have made our first ever jungle trip such a surreal experience. Anjang  was with us throughout the 6 day fun, from the long mountain hikes to bumpy trails and city highways up to our way back to the airport. Thank you for taking great care of us. We will forever treasure your kindness. Thanks for bringing your sidekicks Yugi and Adi too. Continue Reading


    Project: Gardens by the Bay

    To new year and new beginnings, Happy 2016 🙂

    I should admit that my 2015 was a hectic year. It was a year of major changes in my life – transition to a new work (Ogilvy and Mather) and the overwhelming wedding preparations (new surname)…I couldn’t really give time to traveling and the fun of capturing places and moments.

    I’m ringing my 2016 right by revisiting that fire that I kept unlit for a year ~ videography. My first project is Singapore’s magical Gardens by the Bay. This was shot using DJI Osmo (my first road testing shots) and Go Pro Hero4. Hope you’ll like it



    Incredible INDIA

    Traveling to India is WOW…..a beautiful, multi-faceted and fascinating country. We were infatuated with the well-preserved culture, their clothes, gestures, majestic mountains, spectacular temples, marvels of the Himalayan peaks and many other things that are completely new to us.
    We made a lot of wonderful friends and the experience was uh-mazing. They say there are two kinds of travelers: the ones who have been to India and the ones who haven’t. India is LOVE.

    I invite you to watch our India travel video above as motions, pictures and not words can best describe our one of a kind India travel experience. Have fun!