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    Ritual Gym in Singapore: My First Ever Gym Experience

    Ritual Gym Singapore Review

    Ritual Gym Singapore a.k.a. The 30-minute gym is my first ever gym encounter. The thought of going to a gym is indeed fun and IG-worthy (humblebrag posts) but once I actually started to get into the swing of total body work out, for the very first time and for just one set of 14 different exercise movements – feeling of light-headedness kicked in. I had to do 3 sets with 30 seconds or less rest time. I understand shortness of breath is my body’s normal reaction to sudden muscle exertion, simply put “because I never exercise on a regular basis”. The only cardio activity I do is swimming and that too is not very often. Lazy. I hear you.

    Ritual Gym has a work out concept perfect for yuppies, busy bees, and people like me who might not be able to stand an hour or two in a gym.

    “We’re the gym for busy people.” ~ Ritual

    The training at Ritual combines both cardio and strength training into one efficient 20-minute session.

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    Think with Google

    How do you ensure your brand stays ahead of the pack? Google teaches us the many ways to leverage on micro-moments not only to increase conversions but more importantly to create brand awareness.

    Thinking and learning with Google has always been an eye-opening session because as someone who’s in digital marketing for 10+ years, I’ve seen how media has evolved from traditional means to a more complex yet much easier to measure world of digital marketing.

    Not only are magazines going digital, much of our regular activities are done digitally – watching videos on mobile, paying our transactions online, even buying detergents online (oops guilty of this!) Continue Reading


    My Happily Ever After

    Ours was a chance encounter that blossomed into friendship and finally bloomed into LOVE.

    A year after I said the most important “YES” of my life, I married the man who is much more than the man of my dreams. The man whom I’m so grateful for every joy, misstep, and challenging turns that became our love story. Before I get too cheesy, I’m happy to be sharing with you our wedding SDE, with beautifully captured moments and emotions that I will always feel nostalgic for and smile about.

    And yet there’s something more I want to say.

    Often it can be easy to get so caught up in the preparations but I won’t forget how its those little things and pieces of kind support from family and friends that kept me afloat through it all. I am forever so grateful for all the efforts that went into making our wedding day a meaningful one. We couldn’t have done it without all the love and kindness in the smallest of things.

    wedding breachgel

    Thank you Mamang and Papang for the love that brings us all together. Thank you for assisting me with all the necessary church seminars, City Hall paperworks and liaising with wedding vendors. We are so lucky to have amazing parents.

    Moments waterproof mascaras are made for

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    Baste Duterte Performs “Alive” and “Drive” in Singapore

    baste duterte sings with band

    So tell me what just happened? Baste Duterte happened 🙂

    A private gathering held in Sentosa, Singapore reminded us that beneath the tough looking, muscled, rugged and tattooed exterior of Sebastian “Baste” Duterte lies a golden, suave singing voice that can make the good girls bad for a weekend:)

    Swoon I guess? Don’t worry lady, it’s not your fault.

    Please do not remove watermark. If you’re reposting the video, do so with proper attribution…as this was a private event yeah? Use the share link if you wish to – thanks 🙂


    Handmade with a Smile

    Yay. I had an opportunity to turn my passion into a FUN/Fundraising event here in Singapore.
    It’s wonderful that you can have a fun event and raise funds at the same time.
    The experience was humbling, rewarding, joyful, exhausting, and just wow.
    I’d like to thank Ate April, Joy, Michelle and my brother for their support in making my fundraising project happen.

    Allow me to introduce you to my new passion. Tadaaaan, handmade accessories!

    I always have a thing for “BOHO Chic” designs.  Bohemian styles simply look “timeless” no matter the decade…or let’s just say an accepted fashion trend of any given period. I can assure you that 50 years from now,  my designs  won’t look “pre historic” at all. Gahaha 😛

    Five weeks before the bazaar sked, I started waving my magic wand creating these sweet little pieces. I literally had zero after-work happenings and used my valid weekend-party-excuse-coupons for those five straight weeks. Letter E for Effort.

    All at insanely affordable prices….glad the people enjoyed shopping for charity.

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