My Best Nude: Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte and Zoeva Caramel Melange

    While there’s no such thing as your perfect nude or wrong nude (I’m talking about make up, guys), some neutral palettes and proper bold matte lipstick blends well with one’s skin tone and makes you go “Oh wow, I look expensive” or for me its “boy, do I look grown-up” – which is the kind of look I’m going after. Not that I don’t look like my age (hint: fishing for compliments) but sometimes I just want to look different…the one that actually says “yes-I-do-have-make-up-on” kind of different.

    So without further talking about my first world problems, I present to you my new favorite nude liquid lipstick:

    Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte Charming Beige shade

    creamy like a gloss and pigmented like a lipstick, with a stunning matte finish

    This is my first Guerlain make up that just made me SGD50 poorer.

    Guerlain’s formula is based on hyaluronic acid and tiger grass extract that ensure lips remain smooth amidst the matte-ness.

    I super love this shade and how it doesn’t make my lips flake or dry out.

    Yet another first for me is the brand Zoeva.

    Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette

    I never truly had a proper bold nude make up palette because I always buy them in single shades. I am not too adventurous when it comes to eyeshadow because I always feel that well-drawn eyebrows and lipstick together can do the magic. So a moment of silence for my first ever eyeshadow set please. Continue Reading


    A Passion Project: What Do You Wake Up For?

    I’m so happy to be reacquainted with my first hobby- Videography. Special thanks to talented musicians at for the gift of amazing music. Hope you like my new video – passion project series.

    Something always gets us up in the morning, even when it would make sense to just stay in bed. We wake up for all these bits and pieces of a new day, starting afresh – persisting, resisting, existing. Getting up and getting on a daily grind is a choice we make. It’s not easy, but it’s a choice that changes lives, not just our own, but those around us as well. It’s not always fun and easy but we will do it anyway. What do you wake up for?


    Ritual Gym in Singapore: My First Ever Gym Experience

    Ritual Gym Singapore Review

    Ritual Gym Singapore a.k.a. The 30-minute gym is my first ever gym encounter. The thought of going to a gym is indeed fun and IG-worthy (humblebrag posts) but once I actually started to get into the swing of total body work out, for the very first time and for just one set of 14 different exercise movements – feeling of light-headedness kicked in. I had to do 3 sets with 30 seconds or less rest time. I understand shortness of breath is my body’s normal reaction to sudden muscle exertion, simply put “because I never exercise on a regular basis”. The only cardio activity I do is swimming and that too is not very often. Lazy. I hear you.

    Ritual Gym has a work out concept perfect for yuppies, busy bees, and people like me who might not be able to stand an hour or two in a gym.

    “We’re the gym for busy people.” ~ Ritual

    The training at Ritual combines both cardio and strength training into one efficient 20-minute session.

    Is 20- 30 minutes enough? Continue Reading


    Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream – is it worth the hype?

    Lured by positive reviews coming from skincare enthusiasts and some local celebrities in Instagram, I finally hit the Add To Cart button and have these PH-based magic creams delivered to my Singapore address. As a longtime user of Korean skincare products, it’s nice to stumble upon a much raved about skincare brand made from my motherland, the Philippines.

    Enter Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream Continue Reading


    My Favorite SK II Skin Care Products

    SK 2 products review

    I’ve become a loyal user of Korean Skincare products for quite a while now especially after having tried their cult essence – Missha Time Revolution line. My experience with Korean skincare brands and their famous 7-step routine have been positive so please know it wasn’t an easy decision to take a break from the intricate K- regimen.

    Why the switch to Japanese brand SK-II?

    I have to admit that SK-II’s retargeting ads were very effective. I have used Pitera before but this time they’ve introduced a latest breakthrough in a new oil form combined with its sake-based Pitera essence.

    3 to 4 customized, multi-channel retargeting ads at 3 impressions per day later, I was finally convinced to hop on the Japanese skincare journey.

    It was also my way of giving my skin a break from the usual 7-10 step routine to a much simpler one for a good 6 months as of this writing.

    Here are my Top SK-II holy grail products:

    SK II Facial Treatment essence and facial treatment oil review

    1. Facial Treatment Essence – Pitera Power

    SK-II’s skincare products revolve around the main patented ingredient – Pitera. With its waterlike consistency, it is said to be rich in amino acids and vitamins that encourage skin rejuvenation and new cell turnover. I apply this twice a day after cleansing and it gets absorbed into my skin very quickly. Continue Reading


    Think with Google

    How do you ensure your brand stays ahead of the pack? Google teaches us the many ways to leverage on micro-moments not only to increase conversions but more importantly to create brand awareness.

    Thinking and learning with Google has always been an eye-opening session because as someone who’s in digital marketing for 10+ years, I’ve seen how media has evolved from traditional means to a more complex yet much easier to measure world of digital marketing.

    Not only are magazines going digital, much of our regular activities are done digitally – watching videos on mobile, paying our transactions online, even buying detergents online (oops guilty of this!) Continue Reading